Saturday, February 6, 2010

James Catledge, Brent Borland Form "Canyon Acquisitions" Affiliation After Being Terminated by The Elliott Group in June 2008

In the fall of 2007 while the Elliott Companies continued to question and demand answers from Catledge and Impact about the misrepresentations they had made to clients and the Elliott Group attorney's, James Catledge formed his "new" partnership. It was at this time that he teamed up with Brent Borland of Canyon Acquisitions from Phoenix Arizona. In the Spring of 2008, Catledge began to re-direct Sun Village timeshare sales to Canyon Acquisitions.

Catledge and Borland move on to Belize
From information received, some of the Catledge and Borland projects are in Belize and known as the Placencia Resort and the Placencia International Airport. Clients have just now started to ask questions of these latest misrepresentations that have been made.

Brent Borland and Wayne Robbins of Canyon Acquisitions pose for a photograph in front of James Catledge's private aircraft, "Impact One" on January 22, 2011, days prior to their January 26 investment sales seminar in Belize.

From: Fan photos from Canyon Acquisitions LLC

Brent Borland, CEO and Founder with Wayne Robbins, President
Added January 22
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