Thursday, July 29, 2010

Florida Court Dismisses Hofmann Plaintiffs' Second Amended Complaint Against Sun Village Resorts and Elliott Related Companies, The Counterclaim, and Severs Plaintiffs to Individual Actions

On July 21, the Florida Court dismissed the “Hofmann” Plaintiffs’ Amended Complaint while dismissing our Counterclaims and severing the “Hofmann” Plaintiffs into individual separate actions to be pursued on an individual basis with their own Amended Complaint.

The Plaintiffs have been directed that each Amended Complaint must comply with the pleading requirements set forth in Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and must be accompanied by a RICO Case Statement. The Individual Plaintiffs have been expressly cautioned” that they must strictly comply with the requirements of Local Rule 12.1 in connection with the preparation of their Civil RICO Case Statements.

The Order has divided the individual Plaintiffs into alphabetically categorized groups to file their individual Complaint and RICO Case Statement on August 6, 2010, August 20, 2010, September 3, 2010 and September 17, 2010.

A copy of the Order Granting DMK Defendant's Motion To Sever is attached below: