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April 13, 2010 Follow Up Notice of Upcoming Shareholders Meeting May 14, 2010

Dear EMI Sun Village Inc. and EMI Cofresi Developments Inc. Shareholders,

April 13, 2010 Follow Up Notice of Shareholders Meeting

Meeting for all shareholders of EMI Sun Village Inc. and EMI Cofresi Developments Inc. May 14, 2010 at 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm, at The Mohawk Inn, 9230 Guelph Line, Campbellville, Ontario, Canada
(website: telephone: 905.854.2277)

Following initial responses to our Advance Notice of Meeting sent to shareholders on Friday April 9, 2010, we would like to provide some initial follow-up answers to some frequently asked questions and to add clarifications.

Status of Sun Village Cofresi
The Sun Village Resort at Cofresi was abruptly closed in September 2009 as a direct result of the Hoffman and Aguilar actions. On October 7, 2009 the Resort was improperly sold through a corrupt foreclosure auction in Puerto Plata for seven (7) cents on the dollar (based on appraised values) at a price of US $4.3M. In response to this travesty, we filed an appeal with the Dominican Court of Appeals and are awaiting a date for the hearing. Based on the information we have obtained, the appeal has a very strong possibility of success. At the shareholder meeting, we will be discussing the recovery of our hotel property and other business issues that will be put to the newly elected board of directors.

Status of Cofresi Developments
This property remains owned by the corporation in its joint venture partnership with Juan Carlos Morales. There are outstanding business items that need to be addressed at this time and will be put to the newly elected board of directors.

No Teleconference or Webcast
We will not be teleconferencing or webcasting the meetings. We do not have the access to the technology at the Mohawk Inn, nor do we have the budget. We will however distribute minutes from the meetings to shareholders as promptly as possible following the shareholder meetings.

Some shareholders who are traveling from a distance to attend the meetings have already reserved overnight accommodations at the Mohawk Inn. Rooms are currently available at a rate of CAD$74.00 plus taxes based on double occupancy. Please reference that you are attending the Sun Village/Cofresi Developments shareholder meetings.

Advance Notice and Participation
We kindly remind you to email to us any questions you would like addressed at the meetings in advance in order that we include in the agenda. This will allow us to efficiently provide the shareholder group with the information that is important to them and at the same time accomplish the go-forward goals at the meetings.

Please email any questions or topics that you would like addressed at the meetings to and/or to Michael Lutes at no later than Monday April 20, 2010.

Once we have received all submissions, we will finalize and circulate the official notices of meeting and a proxy form for shareholders unable to attend.

Very Important
Once again, our success will depend on our leadership going forward. If you would like to be involved in the leadership and decision making, please let us know by April 20. We have already received some submissions of interest. Included in the meeting agenda for both companies will be a nomination for three (3) new and additional directors to be voted on at the meeting. These newly elected directors will have voting and majority control of decisions moving forward.

Please email us if you would like to be nominated as a director and board member to and/or to Michael Lutes at

If you have not yet visited the investor blog, we encourage you to register and follow our updates which will continue at This blog will remain focused on delivering clear and credible information with the common goal of recovery and success for all shareholders.

Very truly yours,

Derek Elliott

President and member of the Board of Directors

EMI Sun Village Inc., EMI Cofresi Developments Inc.

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