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EMI Sun Village Inc. and EMI Cofresi Developments Inc. Shareholder Meetings: Friday May 14, 2010

On February 8, 2010 we reported to you that an investor committee was being formed and that this would follow with a formal shareholder meeting. We are pleased to announce that the shareholders of EMI Sun Village Inc. and EMI Cofresi Developments Inc. will meet on Friday May 14, 2010 in Campbellville, Ontario Canada.

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Advance Notice of Shareholder Meeting

Meeting for all shareholders of EMI Sun Village Inc. and EMI Cofresi Developments Inc. May 14, 2010 at 6:00 pm, at The Mohawk Inn, 9230 Guelph Line, Campbellville, Ontario Canada
(website: / telephone: 905.854.2277)

Over the past months I have spoken with several shareholders and discussed the devastating effects that 2009 had for our companies while we were mired in the Catledge/ECC litigation in three (3) jurisdictions. While we tried to make sense of the actions that were designed to cause everyone so much damage, the resounding question that remains from everyone is why?

There have been management errors and there have been business partnerships that our companies have entered into that severely hurt us. However, every step was taken with shareholder participation and with the very best of intentions for achieving success for everyone. We had always believed that we had hired the very best managers and executives at all times.

Throughout our conversations during the past months, we have listened and heard the shareholders voice clearly. Today, we are at a critical point whereby individual agendas and misinformation must be cleared and put behind us and we must gather together as a unified group.

No one is happy where we are today and moving forward there must be significant change. Shareholders want to know where we stand today and what possibilities are available for us in the future.

In response to meetings with our initial committee and conversations with shareholders we are collectively calling shareholder meetings for Friday May 14, 2010. We will start with EMI Sun Village Inc. from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm and EMI Cofresi Developments Inc. from 8:15 pm to 10:00 pm.

Advance Notice and Participation

This is an advance notice to allow you to save the date and participate in the agenda. While initial agenda points have been outlined for each company, we welcome any and all suggestions to be submitted by you in advance to be included in the meeting agenda.

Please email any questions or topics that you would like addressed at the meeting to and/or to Michael Lutes at no later than Monday April 20, 2010.

Once we have received all submissions, we will finalize and circulate the official notice of meeting and a proxy form for shareholders unable to attend.

Very Important

Our success will depend on our leadership going forward. If you would like to be involved in the leadership and decision making, please let us know by April 20. Included in the meeting agenda for both companies will be a nomination for three (3) new and additional board of directors to be voted on at the meeting. These newly voted directors will have voting and majority control of decisions moving forward.

Please email us if you would like to be nominated as a director and board member to and/or to Michael Lutes at

If you have not yet visited the investor blog, we encourage you to register and follow our updates which will continue at It will remain focused on delivering clear and credible information with the common goal of recovery and success for all shareholders.

Very truly yours,

Derek Elliott

President and member of the board of Directors

EMI Sun Village Inc., EMI Cofresi Developments Inc.

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